a memoir

One chapter at a time.

I decided to see what war was truly like. At 21 I made a fake press pass for a fake Read more
When I awoke on the floor of John’s room the next morning, he was already up with another pair of Read more
It was late June and as evening began to ease in, my older sister Laurie and I sat atop a Read more
Her two sons carried her into the trauma clinic and with the help of staff got their mother up on Read more
Sitting in the trauma clinic or center or place...where people who are really fucked up come, I stare at both Read more
When I entered the train cabin the elderly woman continued to smile and I continued to smile. Her smile was Read more
People often ask me, “what’s your favorite photograph you’ve ever taken?” You’d think as often as I’m asked that I Read more
The train slowed. That’s what woke me. It was dark and felt very late, but I had no real idea Read more
‘I can’t feel anything. I can feel the blood, but I can’t feel the pain. Oh my god, am I Read more
As the sun fell on another day in the beautiful, but ravaged city of Sarajevo I sat inside a makeshift Read more